MiG-31 Two-seat fighter-interceptor

MiG-31 fighter-interceptor 
MIG-31 is a two-seat fighter-interceptor intended for destroying aerial targets at low and high altitudes in the front and rear semispheres in the free space and at the earth background, in the visual and instrumental meteorological conditions during hostile applying maneuver and active ECM. Performs combat operations in response to automatic control system information both in the command guidance and semi-autonomous (supported by coordinate data) modes, singly or in the group of up to 4 interceptors with automatic data link and target distribution among the members of the group. 
Technical data 
  • Crew
  • 2
  • Take-off mass with ful:
  • internal fuel, kg 41000
    with full internal fuel and external fuel, kg 46200
  • Maximum speed:
  • at altitude of 17.5 km max., km/h 3000
    near the ground, km/h 1500
  • Maximum endurance with:
  • external fuel tanks, h 3.6
    with in-flight refueling, h 6-7
  • Ferry range, km
  • 3000
  • Intercept range:
  • at the supersonic cruising speed (M 2.35), km 720
    at the subsonic cruising speed (M 0.85) with 2200
  • Take-off run, m
  • 1200
  • Landing run
  • 800
    Text: www.armscontrol.ru
    Bild: www.airforce.ru

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